mxmtoon Releases Dawn, A Glimpse Into The Future of Pop-Vocal Music

19 year-old Maia, better known as mxmtoon, creates a soundscape featuring uplifting lyricism, smooth vocals, and otherworldly vibrant production with ukulele and angel-like harmonies amongst her new release of a 2-part EP series dawn, to be followed by dusk in later 2020.

This newest collection by Maia speaks stories for those who are lost and searching for themselves, in a world of negativity, as well as ideas of young love and living the life you want to live. The EP opens with fever dream, with speaks of taking leaps of faith despite the no-holds-barred uncertainty of the their surroundings – it is emphasized with a catchy hook, carefully-produced layers and featuring acoustic mixed with electronic elements.

Followed by songs like quiet motions, no faker, and ending with almost home, the lyrics are poetic yet modern, catchy yet still has complex musical traits, and have a dance-able groove fit for the warmer weather – an instant mood booster. There are ranges of songs that are fit for any kind of day still fresh with a modern, eclectic blend for a glimpse into the future of what music has the capacity to be.

For those who are lost, unsure, and need a bit of a pick-me-up, dawn is a perfect soundtrack to motivate those it’s okay to be exactly those things. In the words of Maia herself, she was motivated to “remind people that things will be okay and even on the darkest day, the sun still rises”. Taking a peek into her musical narrative, mxmtoon’s sound is one that has grown exuberantly since her previous release the masquerade, and dawn is just one that leaves us even more anticipated for dawn.





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