Myd and Mac DeMarco Release the Infectiously Laidback ‘Moving Men’, including the most Ridiculous Music Video of the Year

Opposites do attract and form the strongest of bonds. From opposite ends of the globe and opposite musical realms, comes together an unlikely pairing, yet one that is as perfect as cheese and wine or chocolate and peanut butter. French act Myd has combined with Mac DeMarco to bring us “Moving Men”, one of the most wonderful and ridiculous records and music videos to come across my computer screen this year. Honestly, what I am about to say may not do justice for how this record came together nor the insanity that is the music video.

Backed by tastemaker Ed Banger Records and founder Busy P, Myd has been at the forefront of the indie dance scene armed with an exquisite sound of grooviness. This year has seen him release some incredible tunes including “Together We Stand” and its remix pack, his remix of Groove Armada’s “Lover 4 Now”, and the remix of Wonk’s “Orange Mug”. Now, we get something equally as great with “Moving Men”, an unexpected collaboration with eccentric indie-darling Mac DeMarco.

The record has an even more unexpected story than these two connecting on a record. It all begins in Paris on one of Mac’s tour stops a few years ago. While backstage, Gaspard Augé of Justice and Busy P introduced the pair where they struck an instant friendship. When the pandemic struck, Myd happened to be in LA shooting a music video and having stayed in contact with Mac over the years he was tasked with an important job, deliver the metallic convertible sports car from Justice’s iconic “Fire” music video, which Mac had long admired. Without a license nor plates on the car, Myd drove the car across Los Angeles and delivered the car to Mac at his home in Silverlake. Drawing inspiration from this, the two came up with a song idea about moving men, forming the basis for a chilled-out single.

In relation to Myd’s past work, “Moving Men” is more about a vibe that feels fitting for the breezy lifestyle of 20-something surfers, trying to catch a wave and have a good time, which seems quite fitting for Myd and Mac DeMarco. The record centers around a whistling sample that slithers through the air radiating delight. Surrounding this is a whimsical sound design built by licks of guitar, shimmering symbols, and delicate keys. It’s rather minimalist, but is effective in building an uplifting and textured feeling that unlocks jovial warmth from the depths of your soul. Mac’s crooning rides the production’s laidback wave, narrating a tale about moving men, applying the final pizzazz to form a captivating record.

On the collaboration, Myd had this to say:

The joy when we found the theme of the song. As soon as we found the “Moving Men” theme we were mimicking a choreography of us two throwing boxes at each other!”

Included with the record is an animated music video that you must watch to believe and appreciate. Styled like a buddy film, it follows Myd, Mac, and an anthropomorphic box as they sweat and smoke their way through their daily tasks as movers. It even includes animated cameos from Justice, DJ Snake, and Busy P as their angry boss. Overall, it is absolutely ridiculous, but it is simply incredible and one of the best music videos of the year.

With “Moving Men”, Myd highlights the depth of his talents with an expertly crafted record that is less of a dance tune than his previous songs. In doing so, he intensifies anticipation for his debut album due out in 2021 that promises to be filled with unrivaled quality and unexpected sonic adventures. Keep your eyes peeled to Myd or you’ll miss this mastermind breathing freshness into the electronic scene.

To stream, “Moving Men” follow the link here or continue down. To watch the music video, follow the link here or continue down.




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