MYRNE Tells His Story With Album “In Search Of Solitude”

MYRNE’s “In Search Of Solitude” is a 10-track expedition that requires your attention immediately. Diving headfirst into his own artistic vision, the project very much cultivates every sound and echo that MYRNE strives to be. A reflection of soul and mind, if you’d prefer it described that way. Embarking onto his most ambitious project yet, the goal to make his presence felt will be achieved effortlessly.

The music delivered at hand is simply breathtaking. It’d be tragic to see the album get slept on which is why you must get your ears on it as soon as possible. Creating a harmonious path to endless melodies and silky smooth chord progressions, “In Search Of Solitude” takes you on quite the emotional rollercoaster.

Although you’ll find the productions themselves vary in different genres, the versatility displayed here simply flexes the creative talents of MYRNE. These 10 records are seriously easy to digest, making it hard to avoid listening to the whole project in full. Though, there’s nobody better to tell this story than the artist themselves. Let’s get the producer’s thoughts on his personal favorites from the album.

“I’m really proud of all of the tracks on In Search of Solitude, and grateful to have been able to collaborate with so many talented people to bring it to life! So in that sense, I don’t really have “favourites”. But the following are some songs that have a special place in my heart.”


Otherside (feat. Grabbitz)

“The original title for this demo was called “in the distance.” It was mostly inspired by just me missing all my friends that were a 17-hour flight away and just imagined this huge journey and reward when a person travels to escape some unsatisfactory aspect of their reality. I love this track because of how much I learned working on it. Nick (Grabbitz) is a beast! The song was written in an LA session, where I played this demo that I had. I told him about the general atmosphere/mood of the album I had in mind, and he started singing off the top of his head. Soon we had a verse, he played some guitar, and after all that was done, he added a ton of cool things in post-production. I remember learning a lot that day and I’m super grateful for that.”


Worlds Away (feat. Karra)

When I wrote this song with Karra, I instantly knew that it had to be the first single off of the album. It captured the mood of ISOS perfectly – it was all about long, evolving atmospheres and textures, and unexpected drops. I originally called the demo I had “Introspection,”  with the lyrics you hear in the bridge (it’s not you, it’s me). They were about discovering oneself, and leaving an unhealthy relationship because you were either stagnating or getting too comfortable. The lyrics from Karra really resonated with me too – they were written about a close friend of hers who passed, and I felt that in the delivery alone. Worlds Away is such a special one to me because it means so many different things to different people, and that’s how I envision interpreting music to be.


Another Life

In the whole theme of introspection, I wanted to create a song about rebirth and renewal – about leaving your past life behind after an epiphany, or after you’ve lived your life to the fullest point. One instance of that came to mind was Sydney Carton’s final act of sacrifice for Lucie, in a Tale of Two Cities – I just wanted to write a song about that. All the synths in this song were made on a Dave Smiths Prophet Rev2 – without MIDI, I was just jamming off the keyboard and recorded everything that I played, working exclusively with audio. I made a lot of mistakes during the process but I just kept the files in there – something about being unable to alter your choices after you’ve made them was an interesting concept for me to execute in production.


This debut album is only a glimpse of the potential captured by MYRNE. As he continues to aim for musical immortality, “In Search Of Solitude” is an immediate candidate for album of the year.





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