N3WPORT ‘Pleiades’ A 4-Track EP Experience That Takes Us Deep Into His Sonic Universe

Virginia’s own N3WPORT is officially dropping his 3rd EP that he is calling Pleiades, the name coming from a star group in outerspace. Consisting of 4 tracks, the EP boasts where his production status is as of mid-2022, the DJ/producer has dozens of releases under his belt, which has accumulated just under 1 million monthly listeners for him. Within the EP, a galactic theme is ever-present, feelings of traversing space and going into the depths of the universe being matched with smooth melodies and cinematic soundscapes.

Each song on the EP explores a different corner of the voyage N3WPORT has the listener set on. “Stars Belong With You,” and “Your Gravity,” being further examples of the depth and scope that this EP experience is willing to go. Across the 4 singles, there is a least a little something across the song that will speak to people of all walks of life, the diversity and dynamism present being one of many unique traits.

N3WPORT has been in the game for years now, with his music having reach many millions around the world. He’s released on labels such as Subsidia Records, Heaven Sent, and Lost In Dreams and has opened for names such as MitiS, Crystal Skies, JVNA, Nurko, Kompany, and Flosstradamus, just to name a few. Simply put, the man is on a mission that the world wants more of. Pleiades is a great marker as to how far N3WPORT has come.




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