Nana Bangz’s “Alive” is a Versatile New Twist on a Classic Rap Drop

The rap genre is always changing. Nana Bangz respects this, and it shows in her music, but she also wants to respect where the genre came from. Her style is a blend. She shines with smooth and stylized verse straight out of rap’s golden age, but she’s also got the articulate precision of an underground movement that only recently broke the surface to go mainstream. It’s that spoken-word conversation that doubles back on itself to set up a shattering drive. Her style is soft and breathy one moment and relentless the next. The best way to describe it? It’s Nana Bangz.

Invention With Respect For The Classics: Creating Something New in the Dallas

As a Dallas artist who arrived on the scene in 2018, it’s easy to mistake Nana Bangz for an echo of the late 90s, but she’ll break out of that box right away once the beats hit. From her debut track, “Show Me Love,” to her most recent single, “Alive,” it’s one genre-challenging banger after another, driven by a bold and confident swagger that won’t quit (and you won’t want it to).

“Alive” showcases this perfectly. It samples the hit “Summer Breeze” from the 70s, a jam that many go to for soft and luxurious vibes, just so Nana Bangz can come in with shattering force and drop a shocking, exciting beat. Her powerful, raspy vocals steal the show, pulling you through a track with elements of jazz, doo-wop, and soul. Nana Bangz pulls listeners from a soothing, melodic verse straight into a rapid-fire explosion of rap’s most relentless potential, and then pushes them right back again.

Music of the Moment: The Confidence, Power, and Potential of a New Artist

It’s the confidence and the power it drives that really give power to “Alive.” Nana Bangz uses the song to confront her detractors and assert her dominance, and it works. Rap enthusiasts will hear her love for her inspirations, from Lil’ Kim and Missy Elliot to Lady of Rage and Foxy Brown. But there’s also something unique that even the oldest, most dedicated fans of the genre have never heard before, a one-of-a-kind flavor, vocabulary, and flow that makes it clear that this is an authentic artist.

Nana Bangz is only getting started. A listen-through through her Spotify catalog will show any new fan just how much she’s changed over time, how varied her voice can be from one track to another, and how much potential she has to create something new and surprising. None of this is going to stop any time soon. Nana Bangz can, at any moment, drop a new single that challenges all expectations and redefines what she can do.

“Alive” has done just that. It proves that she’s a rapper to be reckoned with and that she has an incredible ability to blend styles, invent a new vibe, and deliver powerful, emotional verses. If you haven’t given her a listen yet, now may be the best time. She’s ready to break out in a big way, and you’ll want to be there for it.