Needle Music Welcomes FISHER, Chris Lake, and more in AYITA Music Partnership

Following the successful launch of their app, Needle Music has quickly staked its claim among popular music discovery platforms as a unique and engaging option for fans wanting to share their tastes. The self proclaimed, “community for good music,” – particularly of the electronic genre – aims to bring people together in a more meaningful way through their shared love of music. 

“There’s an exciting opportunity to connect people through music like never before. Since the start of civilization people have connected through music more than any other art form, and now through Needle people are showing that they love to build real relationships at a high pace through our social experience. There are a ton of apps and services focused on discovering and even sharing music these days, but where there is a real gap in the market (and a large consumer demand for); is in connecting people through music. Replicating the experience of finding a friend at a concert, without having to go to the concert – is something people increasingly crave. Our community can count finding love and new friends among the daily relationships formed on the app, and interacting with others through the medium of music – even more so then photos – builds unique bonds. “ Needle Music CEO, Mikhael Porter

Through a strategic partnership, Needle Music and Ayita have come together  to create new ways for artists and fans to connect. Much of AYITA’s roster (including Noizu, Nero, FISHER, Chris Lake) have already begun using the app, with more joining daily. Fans will finally be able to see what their favorite artist is listening to in real-time, and in turn artists will gain access to a powerful new way of connecting with their fans through music.  

“Fans are seeking new ways to get closer to the artists they love in order to enhance their experience and access to new music without ‘gatekeepers’ and algorithms deciding for them. At the same time, artists are searching for ways to create awareness, connect with their fans and monetize their music directly. Needle addresses both of these needs on a platform that brings artists and fans closer together than ever before.” -Harvey Tadman, AYITA Co-founder

Furthermore, hit songs trend on Needle’s app months before they reach any charts or viral tik tok trends. Their ‘trending songs’ list is a quick-moving mecca of (mostly) electronic music. For example, ‘Do It To It‘ by Acraze (ft. Cherish) first charted on ‘Official Charts’ on November 11, 2021 in the UK at #60 and peaked at #9, but was months earlier trending as the #1 song on Needle on August 20, 2021 as a result of a few of their top music curators on the app posting it. Similarly electronic artist (and early Needle darling) Fred again..’s hit song ‘Marea (we’ve lost dancing)’ first officially charted on August 4, 2021 at #96 and peaked at #36, yet was trending as the #1 song on Needle five months earlier on March 2, 2021. It’s evident that Needle is creating a community of music lovers who have their finger on the pulse when it comes to good music.




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