Netflix’s Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Starring Seth Rogen, Chrissy Teigan, Kate Mckinnon And Lena Waithe

Wether you’re lazing in bed on a Sunday morning, or looking for food-inspirations to cook this holiday season, Netflix has you covered a heap of variety when it comes to world-class food culture. One of the newest editions comes from David Chang in the form of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The celebrity chef and restaurateur knows food better than most and through this series, we get to explore the cultures of four cities and an enjoy the company of an interesting array of personalities to act as our guides. The show is Chang’s second Netflix series, following 2018’s Ugly Delicious.

Each episode of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner sees Chang tour through a new city with celebrities icons such as Model Chrissy Teigen, Seth Rogen, Kate McKinnon and Lena Waithe. Together they talk about their lives while enjoying local eats in corner shops, delis, markets and various dives.

Episode 1 takes us to Vancouver with Seth Rogen, while food is the focus this one includes a bit of weed culture as they taste their way through Asian delicacies such as authentic dim sum and Cantonese barbecue. Other highlights include hitting the water to go fishing for chinook salmon and crabs, make and eat freshly packed jam donuts and get lost in a hedge maze, and a visit to the Vancouver Aquarium — where Rogen meets an octopi who is named after him called Ceph Rogen.

On Episode 2, Chang heads to the Moroccan city of Marrakesh with Chrisy Teigan where they explore the unique culinary offerings. First they indulge on a Moroccan breakfast of epic proportions and in what becomes a key moment of the episode together and decide they should name the show “American Chubbz” instead. During the ep they get Teigen’s husband,m iconic singer John Legend to write an “American Chubbz” theme via video chat. In the episode, we also get to explore local culture through a meal with a local Marrakesh family, join them on a camel ride while looking out at the sand dunes and more. There’s more food and culture mixed in, too, including a local culinary expert Teigen and Chang speak with while downing tequila shots.

The shows third episode features writer, director and actor Lena Waithe, whom I first discovered in Azis Ansari’s ‘Master Of None’. This episode is located in Los Angeles and features a more traditional American style dining. A mouthwatering breakfast including buckwheat pancakes and a breakfast burger that will have you browsing food delivery options. They visit a laidback diner attached to a bowling alley that serves up Asian and Hawaiian dishes, highlights here include the Hawaiian Royal (rice with eggs, chasu, and Portuguese sausage), oxtail soup, and chasu & egg foo young. For dessert, they head to Chikara Mochi, a tasty spot where the mochi is hand-pummelled and hand-rolled. Finishing up here they drop in for a second dinner at Otafuku, an izakaya spot with an entrance in an unmarked door in the parking lot.





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