Alpha 9 Drops Stellar Remix of Tritonal’s Hit ‘Never Be The Same’

Remixes are much more than just productions in and of themselves; they’re an entire art to master in their goal of maintaining the delicate balance between originality of the remix and familiarity with the original tune. Most remixes I’ve come across lean too far on either side of the spectrum, but Arty’s trancey take on Tritonal’s ‘Never Be The Same’ as Alpha 9 sits firmly in the idyllic middleground.

It maintains the allure of the originals’ vocals while imbuing the tune with a deep, retro feel through its lead synth. While the original saw Tritonal return to their festival progressive house glory, this remix sees Alpha 9 return with after an extended break from releases with his soothing, calming atmospheres.

A sweet arpeggio leads the track in, before culminating in a deep, mellow and atmospheric climax. The remix exudes progressive vibes, as elements enter and leave over a backbone of a signature 80s synth and a charming bassline.

ARTY miraculously alters the chord progression of the original to make the once-euphoric chorus seem like another evocative verse. In true Alpha 9 glory, the next four-on-the-floor section comes with ethereal melismas and repetitive motifs that you’ll be humming in no time.

Alpha 9’s remix of Never Be The Same preludes two more takes by PROFF and Crystal Skies that are both due as part of the entire remix package next week, December 13. In the meanwhile, enjoy the rosy sound of this reimagined take on ‘Never Be The Same’, part of the author’s own weekly New Music Friday playlist.




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