Avicii Co-Producer Confirms New Avicii Music To Be Released

Known Avicii co-producer, Carl Falk has posted on Instagram a video of him applying the finishing touches to unreleased Avicii’s song ‘Heaven’ which features Chris Martin of Coldplay. Carl Falk could potentially be working on the record to prepare it for release.

Here’s what Carl Falk has to say: “Yesterday was a strange and emotional day in many ways trying to finishing these songs. It’s not the same producing without you by my side. I miss you hanging over my shoulder doubting every little thing and detail in the song. #avicii #heaven ❤️”

This news has excited many fans who are hopeful for Avicii’s unreleased music to see the light of day. Heaven which has been circulated in live videos previously is a very touching track and will definitely create an emotional release. As with all artist’s music post death however, there is always a debate on whether it is the correct thing to do by said artist.

We would hope if there is a release, that it’s proceeds go towards some kind of charity to help provide more artists and people the support in mental health. This would be a fitting reason to have this music see the light as an official release.. However, Avicii’s family must have provide consent to release Avicii’s final works.

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