New Hope Club Reaches Out to EDM Community with R3HAB Collaboration “Let Me Down Slow”

After a meteoric rise over the latter half of the decade, New Hope Club has joined forces with EDM behemoth, R3HAB for another solid addition to their scorching discography. Those who are fans of both groups likely know how the song sounds as it combines the voices of New Hope Club with the electronic pop touch of R3HAB’s time-tested production technique. On the surface, the song itself is quite unassuming but dig a bit deeper and you’ll be rewarded by rich lyrics covering the nuances of a slowly declining relationship. 

Seeing these superpowers combine talents like this is always exciting for the fans as it could expose them to styles of music they weren’t currently aware of or gives them the chance to revisit them with perhaps a more open mind. Similarly when EDM duo Breathe Carolina was granted the first official remix of Smash Mouth’s iconic track “All Stars,” a new generation was exposed to the diverse discography of the duo and likely brought many new fans into the fold. Hopefully the same will happen here as the track continues to spread throughout the airwaves. Do your part and give it a listen using the links below. 





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