Next Up For Elias Boussnina Is The Brilliant ‘Roses’

Danish artist Elias Boussnina’s newest single is here. ‘Roses’ will be his third offering this year.

The single is driven by an industrial Kavinsky-esque beat and shows a more cool and driven side of the rising RnB star leading your ears to think of the Drive soundtrack. ‘Roses’ brings up soothing vocals from Elias and with impactful lyrics and the perfect production, this is a seriously great release from the young artist.

‘Roses’ expresses a cynical stage in a relationship where everything is still a bed of roses, but the thoughts about whether these feelings will last have started to emerge: 

“The theme of the song is centered around the fact that everything decays. You have to enjoy it while it’s here. While you have each other and while the love is still there. The rose becomes a metaphor for that. Kind of like the rose from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ that slowly withers. Even though it is nice and pleasant it can still decay.”

The concept of time is referred to throughout ‘Roses’ in many different ways with lines such as ‘every hour might be the last, but I’ll cherish every one of them’ and ‘if our time’s up, I’m glad we didn’t waste it’. Time has often played a crucial role for Boussnina who sees it as a positive thing: 

“I often get caught up in the concept of time. When? How long? But it doesn’t really matter. That’s why this song isn’t melancholic to me, even though it might sound like it. It is not necessarily a bad thing that everything has an expiration date. Because that’s also what makes it valuable. The fact that one day it will come to an end is what gives it value.”

‘Roses’ was produced by Oliver Cilwik and differs a bit from the sound Elias Boussnina usually creates. He describes the sound on ‘Roses’ as electronic and industrial and the initial idea for the track was to create something pleasant for people on the go:  

“We wanted to make something suited for driving – a feeling similar to the ‘Drive’ soundtrack. That was how the track started in the beginning. We were just jamming along and almost wrote the entire song in an hour.”

If you’re a ran of ‘Roses’ like we are, we suggest checking the rest of his discography for more amazing music.




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