NGHTMRE & Grabbitz Pair Up On ‘Bruises’

NGHTMRE has been killing 2019, with several high profile original and remixes, with likely many more to come. NGHTMRE continues to smash the game with his newest production together with fellow American artist Grabbitz.

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter Grabbitz is all about an authentic sound that pushes the boundaries of sonic landscapes. He says, “Each song is a culmination of everything I love. It’s just music that comes out of my head.”

These artists have the perfect musical match, and bring their talents together for this exceptional record. Soulful vocals breakthrough the instrumental and hook up in for the break and eventual climax.

“I was honored to be able to work with Grabbitz on this one. It’s such a beautiful song and ended up exactly how I imaged it to be! It’s been getting a really amazing response during my live shows as well!” – NGHTMRE

“There is just something special about ‘Bruises’. It’s tough to pinpoint, but the raw emotion and high energy came together just right. It’s the perfect blend of our styles.” – Grabbitz


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