Nick Anthony Drops Mellow Track “When I’m Gone” From Upcoming EP

Philadelphia producer Nick Anthony’s latest track, “When I’m Gone,” is a minimalistic but deeply emotional song, featuring beautifully out-of-time guitar strums and a slow, deliberate drum groove. Without the focus on perfection commonly seen in the dance genre, “When I’m Gone” breaks through the noise and gives listeners a new and exciting sound.

To Anthony, the track holds a strong personal meaning:

“the instrumental to “When I’m Gone” was written at an odd point in my life. A time where I didn’t know what I wanted or where I wanted to end up. To me, the song represents hope,” he says.

With the addition of Chloe Gendrow’s powerful, expressive top line, the 19-year-old producer’s message of hope rings especially true. Nick Anthony’s meaningful songwriting and unique production has already caught the ears of some of the industry’s most acclaimed tastemakers, including Indie Shuffle and Dancing Astronaut. “When I’m Gone” serves as an early teaser of the young producer’s upcoming EP FRISSON, as well as a glimpse into the future of the artist’s unique and constantly evolving style.

Stream “When I’m Gone” Here:





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