Nicky Romero Debuts Monocule Alias With 3 Track EP

Today Nicky Romero has unveiled a new alias Monocule, a new side-project that focuses on deeper sounds and that brings a different energy than Nicky’s usual releases.

Monocule is a brand new alias of mine, which lets me express my never-ending love for deeper classic progressive house vibes. During these uncertain times, it feels really good to lock myself up in the studios and work with a different spectrum of sounds. I’m excited to finally share my first single and EP with the world as Monocule and more than happy to have Tim van Werd & Mosimann being part of this inaugural release! Sky’s the limit for Monocule, so I’m stoked about this new sonic journey.” – Nicky Romero

Teaming up with Tim van Werd and Mosimann on the opening record, ‘Time To Save’ has a decidedly darker vibe than the usual Protocol tracks, with growling basslines and emotive vocals by the Frenchman himself. ‘Close To Me’ delivers cinematic melodies over a deep bassline and breathy lyrical overlays. At the same time, the final track, ‘Waiting For You’ evokes memories of grooving on dark dance floors before the global pandemic.




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