Nicky Romero, Mike Williams and Amba Shepherd Get Together on ‘Dynamite’

One of the biggest team-ups this year in house music has arrived, courtesy of maestros Nicky Romero and Mike Williams, with vocals from the brilliant Amba Shepherd.

Aptly titled ‘Dynamite’, the collaboration is a fantastic blend between their styles of progressive and future house, respectively, making for a festival anthem that is bound to get crowds fired up across the world over the next few months. It first did so in Nicky Romero’s set at Ultra Europe, the perfect closing track to end his show. Fans have been craving for its release ever since, and it’s no surprise why.

Released via Nicky Romero’s own Protocol label, this tune adopts a simple arrangement, focusing on the melody and sound design for its energetic appeal. Amba Shepherd’s vocals provide a perfect topline for an alluring chord progression. The main melody preludes the drop itself, played out through a synth that’s a mix of a progressive house and a future bounce lead. The bassline is full of bubbling energy, but it’s inherently a smashing progressive house tune.

With ‘Dynamite’, Nicky Romero and Mike Williams have blurred the genre boundaries, making music that’s a perfect combination of both their styles.

You don’t want to miss out on one of the biggest dance tunes to close off the year; check out the tune in full below.





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