Nicky Romero Unveils Part 1 of His 3 Part ‘Redefine’ Documentary

Nicky Romero has released the first iteration of his three part documentary series; Redefine – which takes it’s name from his current world tour. The documentary covers Nicky’s experiences throughout his career, the evolution of his sound, insight information, cool to know facts and much more throughout the 16 minute+ doc. Specifically, Nicky delves into one of his break through productions, his remix for Green Velvet’s ‘Flash’.

The first part of the documentary covers Nicky Romero’s past, whilst the second covers the present and then the third iteration covers his future. If the second and third are as insightful and interesting as the first, we are patiently awaiting them!

Nicky Romero joins many other acts that have their own documentaries such as David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Afrojack, Armin van Buuren – the list goes on!




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