Nicky Romero Teams Up With Alice Berg for Commercial Hit 'My Way'


Nicky Romero has teamed up with talented vocalist Alice Berg for what should soon be a commercial success; ‘My Way‘. Out on Nicky’s own Protocol, ‘My Way‘ represents Romero’s mainstream side, with this track being radio friendly.

You may be familiar with Alice Berg from her multiple Revealed releases. her vocals are perfect for this record. The track would not be the same without them, they really push the track to the next level and help with the commercialization of the record.

This release also marks a first in terms of artwork, this is a different style to usual. It’s possible that this may be the future style of artwork for Nicky Romero’s releases on Protocol - in order for them to stand out from the other Protocol releases.

On a side note - Nicky Romero has upped the game this year with 14 releases so far! That is a lot of music, more than one a month - the Romero team has definitely put in a lot of work on the production side of things this year.