Night Tales Continues Their Hot Streak with ‘From Inside,’ Following Successful European D.W.Y.W. Tour

Night Tales, the duo renowned for their evocative storytelling and live instrumentation within an electronic framework, continues their hot streak with “From Inside.”

Starting with enchanting vocals and crisp percussion, “From Inside” immediately draws in its audience. Layered with a melodic deep house bassline, this track takes listeners on an introspective journey, evoking powerful emotions while radiating a vibe-filled sonic atmosphere.

With a sound that transcends borders, Night Tales’ music, akin to artists like Elderbrook and Bob Moses, strikes a chord with a diverse range of listeners worldwide. Their debut album Proof, released via Ultra Records, has garnered over 50 million streams across all platforms. Their fan-favorite anthem, “Only If,” continues to rack up over 1.5 million streams each month.

In 2024, the pair has headlined Miami’s We Belong Here festival and played mainstage at EDC Mexico. They also ventured across Europe for their D.W.Y.W. tour, delivering high-energy sets at Spain’s Abroad Fest, London’s Colours, and Paris’s premier nightclub T7.

As they gear up for a statewide tour with Jerro and upcoming festival sets at Breakaway Minneapolis and Elements, Night Tales is guaranteed to win folks over. Embodying their mission to bridge the gap between urban culture and electronic music, their story is about creating a movement that resonates with fans across continents. “From Inside” represents the next exciting phase in this movement, with more to follow in the subsequent months.




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