NIKI Drops Standout New EP "Wanna Take This Downtown"

To our delight Indonesian star NIKI, known for her intoxicating intricate modern r&b influenced sounds returned last month with the irresistibly catchy song “lowkey”. Having toured with Halsey throughout Asia and performing to sold out shows across the US for both herself and 88 Rising roster there’s a hungry audience for new music and they didn’t have to wait long, as her brand new EP titled “Wanna Take This Downtown” is officially out today.

The 4 part delight is refined yet expresses a raw emotion across slowed down soft tones such as “lowkey” along with three new melodious songs which deliver rich bright sounds and interesting sonic textures. Her steadily growing supporters around the world will no doubt be in awe at her impressive and catchy lyricism paired her uniquely defying style and vocal palette.

Luscious soundscapes shining through on “Lowkey” port across to the seductive second track “urs”, which is built on a simple yet effective beat and a delicate array of chilled soundscapes. Meanwhile on “move!” NIKI serves up a noticeably more powerful performance that instantly shines through with character, it’s built around wavy layered synths that land with a punch. Finishing off the EP is “odds” which enters with a catchy bleeping electronic sound and is underpinned with a finely-calibrated hook that has us signing along and wanting to hit replay again and again.

The release is out now via 88 Rising and 12 Tone Music worldwide today: