nimino Shares Impressive Debut Album, Rooms On The Ark, via TH3RD BRAIN

Pioneering his very own brand of smooth electronic music, nimino is undoubtedly one of the most exciting names to keep your eye on right now. With three EP releases under his belt already, support from the likes of EARMILK, Huffington Post and Spotify, as well as more than 20 million collective digital streams across services, nimino is well on his way towards becoming a mainstay within electronic music, and his debut album Rooms On The Ark will definitely put him one step closer to his goal. 

Out via TH3RD BRAIN, Rooms On The Ark includes previously released singles such as “Clouds” with Ro Nova and “What I Want” featuring Tori Romo, gems that encompass nimino’s signature sound – that brings together chill-out, lo-fi and electronic themes – yet are driven by a distinct pop sensibility. The album, which spans over 10 tracks, is also accompanied by stunning visuals that tell a distinct story, taking listeners on a journey through different rooms on the ark with each song. 

“I knew if I was ever to make an album it had to have more to it than just music, but at first I was unsure what story I wanted to tell, or what world it should inhabit,” says nimino. “My style has never belonged to a specific category. I see it as being on the same planet as many of the artists I listen to, but in its own territory. This image felt like a fitting base for an album: a slightly desolate, independent landscape. I considered islands, deserts, a house on top of a hill… But once I began visualizing the album on a boat, the thoughts started to flow naturally. I worked closely with artists and animators to create the imagery, before stitching the music together and then imagining the whole thing as a cohesive, first person experience.”




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