Ofenbach Share Cali Tour Dates Following Up With Critically-Acclaimed ‘1’ Album

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve received at least a glimmer of Ofenbach and their album 1. The album is extensive and defining, truly showcasing what their signature sound is and how they do things different. There’s a long list of strong songs, all of which showcase a common message and leave enough on the table where folks of many walks of life can find something they dig within, across the track list.

Top top things off, they’re bringing the experience to the stage – catch them in Cali via their tour dates shown below.

Tour Dates

January 27 – Bloom Nightclub, San Diego, CA
January 28 – Avalon Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

The French duo, Ofenbach, is currently the most streamed French band in the world. With a total of 2 Diamond, 22 Platinum, and 21 Gold certifications, they are a young and on the rise group that are looking promising. They have garnered 2.5 Billion streams and 500k followers on YouTube, and that’s just the start of the impact that they’ve been having. Performing on stage is their passion and traveling the world is the norm for these two. They have already played in over 250 shows across multiple continues, which is more than most artists globally can say they’ve done.

In 2022, after a summer tour with more than 50 dates, they will release more music and continue growing this one-of-a-kind movement they’ve poured their lives into.

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