NOTD “F#*cked Up” Revealing New Ellie Goulding Collaboration Without Permission

As many artists are locked away inside, they’ve undoubtedly been sharing lots of updates with their fans on social media, but for one duo they may have accidentally shared a little too much. Swedish duo NOTD dropped a preview of some upcoming music on their Instagram stories which featured a new vocal recorded by British artist Ellie Goulding, that’s understandably something to be excited about as she’s featured with tracks with Calvin Harris, Skrillex and Diplo among others.

NOTD which is composed of Tobias Danielsson and Samuel Brandt have been on a pretty good run in recent years, their singles “So Close” and “I Wanna Know” both boast more than 200 million streams on Spotify and this week they are set to drop a new single with another hitmaker, Astrid S. It appears they also likely have another hit on their hands with Ellie Goulding, but this one might not see the light of day.

It’s safe to say that judging by the comments everyone who heard it was very excited for the track, and one fan excitedly shared a now-deleted clip of it on Twitter, another tagged Ellie to which her response was less than positive. Goulding called the duo “really unprofessional” for the move as they did so without her permission, her fans quickly went on the attack but she didn’t mention them by name.

The duo however quickly took ownership of the mistake publicly replying to her Tweet with “it was … we fucked up :/ you wrote an amazing song and we got too excited bout having a chance to work on it”. NOTD reportedly said to fans in the original clip that the track was “coming soon”, but it’s not clear whether the track was already signed off by Goulding as in their reply they only reference working on it, suggesting they were still developing the idea.

So while we do hope they are able to work things out and drop the collaboration in the future, it’s a lesson for all artists to check with their collaborators before sharing their work. Top artists and songwriters such as Goulding often share their topline vocals with a number of producers in order to find the perfect match for the song, but this doesn’t guarantee its release. So if NOTD shared it before it was approved this might affect Goulding’s ability to place the song with another artist if she wasn’t vibing with what the producers had done with her vocal.




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