NOVUL Opens Up With New Single ‘Runaway Baby’

Canadian born singer-songwriter NOVUL shares her experience of broken love in her new single “Runaway Baby”. Through poetic lyrics, her fans indulge in the emotional rollercoaster of a toxic relationship.

We connect with NOVUL on a more personal level as she writes about the true reality of hopefulness and pain of love, and what it’s like when we are brought to the brink of losing sight of yourself:

“I’m really excited / nervous and ready to share my past. ‘Runaway Baby’ encompasses what it feels like to be in a toxic, addictive relationship to the point you lose your own worth and identity. He would run away at times, fighting addictions to the point I then had to become the runaway and run away from the relationship entirely.” – NOVUL

NOVUL begins the track with a soft electric guitar and maintains a melodic smooth tempo with hints of violin and gentle drum beats. ‘Runaway Baby’ is vulnerable and raw, maintaining NOVUL’s style of boppy-rap, but with an added emotional expression slowly pulsing throughout the song. The vocals are the center point of the track and their catchy-ness has incredible potential.




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