Nxll Drops Mesmerizing Chill Rap Single, ‘One of One’

Residing in one of the hottest music cities in the world, Chicago, Illinois, Nxll has become well-known for his infectious style of rap. Now, he is putting his lyrical genius and organic flow on display with his new single, “One of One”. The song encompasses a chill yet entrancing beat, layered with groovy synths and crisp percussion. At the center of the track, Nxll delivers a powerful story through his soothing voice and vivid rhymes.

Speaking on what sparked the idea for “One of One”, Nixll says that it’s about moving from DC to Chicago. He faced many struggles adjusting to life in his new city but is proud of his journey and has strengthened his passion for music along the way. “One of One” is also joined by a spellbinding black-and-white visualizer that features different shots throughout DC and Chicago. Altogether, the project encapsulates the cultural shift that Nixll adapted to during this time.

Much more than a vocalist, Nxll has crafted a high level of skills in music production as well, evident across “One of One”. The sky is the limit for this rising innovator, as he continues to bring his artistic vision to life.




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