Nya Bloom Promotes Self-Improvement In New Single “Better Man”

Existing in a time of history more pivotal than ever, Nya Bloom advocates for collective betterment. Things do not change, but minds can, and do. We are living in a time where if we keep carving the groove of separation deeper, things will only get worse. It’s time to change an obscured perception by turning towards art and therapy. 

Powerful, contagious means to societal and personal shift, Nya Bloom hopes that by promoting therapy through both song and message, that “someone is encouraged to see where their own blindspots may be. Maybe it’s a person who doesn’t think things will change, things will never get any better, so why try? Or someone with a racial bias who is starting to feel how exhausting it is to be in hate all the time. One at a time is all we need, it has to start from the bottom up. Once someone sees how drastically their view of the world can change, and subsequently their experience, they become open to more change around them.”

In addition to this, Nya Bloom hopes to take a moment away from the worldly chaos with a puzzle. Once solved, text the keyword in the puzzle to 818.392.8565 for a chance to win a free 1-hour session with Lisa Dewey, Nya Bloom’s own EMDR therapist. There will be two winners. Constantly working on himself to be a “Better Man,” Nya Bloom looks inward for himself, his loved ones, and his community. It is time for compassion and talking openly to create a new global conversation.





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