O Cinnedi Releases ‘Gluttony’ As Seven Deadly Sins Series Presses On

O Cinnedi has been chipping away at an extensive project that brings into fold the famous Seven Deadly Sins series, coming from the novel Dante’s Inferno. If you haven’t been keeping up, she’s been bringing to life in-depth, multi-faceted art concepts which surround each of her songs. The songs in this series represent one of the ‘seven deadly sins,’ – what O Cinnedi has brought to the masses thus far is nothing short of above and beyond what the common electronic artist commit’s themselves to.

Each single focuses on a almost evil-leaning sense of bass music. “Gluttony,” is no different regarding this angle – the biggest difference being a feeling sophisticated development and musical maturity that can be felt in comparison to the past singles.

“Gluttony,” tears through the spirit of the listener with epic basslines, gritty verses, and sound design that will make those who hear drop their jaw. Merging such a classic as Dante’s Inferno with unmerciful bass music is a idea few could foresee or bring together – yet, O Cinnedi is nothing short of a visionary, determined to bring to life what she’s passionate about no matter the cost.

Watch out for more releases from this female solo talent as O Cinnedi continues to spread her wings and do what she does best.





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