O Cinnedi Debuts Dante Inferno Series, Launches First Single ‘Pride’

“PRIDE,” starts an experimental and dark flow of music from solo DJ/producer O Cinnedi. The Canadian-based artist has been in the game for years, having played hundreds of shows and released music under multiple alias’s. The girl is a natural talent and this year she is getting out of her comfort zone to say the least. “Pride,” channels some seriously wonky experimental bass vibes, sharing a cutting and ripping sensation through the wubs and drops. For some mainstream dance fans, this may not be something that relates on first listen, but “Pride,” contains vision and certainly peaks curiosity for what the next sonic adventure is within this new series.

“GREED” is set to follow “PRIDE,” as the cues from Dante Inferno writings begin to come full-circle and O Cinnedi’s keen story implementation pulls together the music and brand cohesively.




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