O Cinnedi Releases ‘Sloth’, The Second-To-Last Song In Her Remarkable Year-Long Project

O Cinnedi was destined for a life full of artistic ingenuity. At age three, she entered the entertainment industry, achieving victory in a myriad of dance competitions across the globe and having a role in Walt Disney productions. When O Cinnedi turned ten, her long voyage through instrumentation and music theory was initiated. Her background in classical clarinet and percussion is evident in her current project. At sixteen years of age, O Cinnedi followed her desire to learn from some of the world’s top artists while aiding in the marketing, branding, and production for a variety of music industry professionals.

A significant portion of O Cinnedi’s expertise in music stems from her work with Archie Pena, the producer for big-name performers like Whitney Houston, Shakira, and Michael Jackson. Her experiences have resulted in the creation of her own world of performances, music, story, and even breaking through the third wall on social media.

O Cinnedi’s musical journey comes with many notable achievements. She has shared the stage with artists such as Tynan and Stylust, has played at Shambhala, and has accumulated over half a million streams. Most importantly, O Cinnedi is closing in on the epic conclusion of her year-long project centered around The Seven Deadly Sins. Her new release “Sloth” vividly reflects O Cinnedi struggling with a severe depressive episode, following her drug withdrawal from “Gluttony”.

“Sloth” is an auditory phenomenon, taking listeners on a dark and mysterious adventure through its shadowy sequences of bass. The track has a Stranger Things feel to it, exponentially building the anticipation for O Cinnedi’s final chapter of her origin story and her campaign as an artist.




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