Odd Mob Releases Fresh House Track ‘All Of Your Heart’

Australian act Odd Mob has just released a new remix for Beatport #1 ‘Redlight’ from Marten Horger and that led us to discovering last month he released his first single of the year in the form of the catchy ‘All Of Your Heart‘.

After a quiet 2018, it’s clear Odd Mob has been gearing up for something special with this expertly crafted single. Having risen to fame, following the jacking single ‘Is It A Banger?‘ blew up back in 2015 using the famous sample from Parks & Rec, it’s undeniable his sound has progressed considerably.

The latest single ‘All Of Your Heart‘ takes a more serious tone showing off his precision production and incorporates the unique fresh take on a vocal/future house that Odd Mob has become synonymous for. Odd Mob explains of ‘All Of Your Heart’, “It started as quite a melancholic tune, but then I had the idea to simply pitch them up six semitones. What resulted was a burst of pop-euphoria. I instantly decided to change the chords and the basis of the tune was formed.”

Harry Hope aka Odd Mob toured around Australia on the appropriately named ‘Testing Grounds‘ in order to test music for his forthcoming debut album, which we eagerly await. ‘All Of Your Heart‘ has released through Australian label Tinted in collaboration with Spinnin’ Records.


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