Oes Promotes Female Empowerment In “Go Get It Girl”

Dutch vocalist, Oes has just released an empowering new track, “Go Get It Girl”, produced by Muziekmetpaul which features a unique combination of soul, Latin percussion, and interesting tempo manipulations.

In Oes’ words, “This song represents hard working women and girls with dreams and goals who feel confident, sexy and in control. It represents me and it represents a lot of amazing girls and women around me.”

One of the strongest aspects is just how much control Oes exerts over the production. Often times it feels like the vocalist is a slave to the instrumental in EDM or at it’s best, they work in perfect harmony together. However, in this track, when she tells the beat to slow down, it obeys. It’s one of those moments that sends a tingle down your spine because it’s just so unexpected yet works so well.

No matter your gender or background, it’s impossible not to get pumped up when you hear this song pop up in your playlist. Oes and Muziekmetpaul have created something quite special here with “Go Get It Girl” and is worthy of your ears attention.

Stream “Go Get It Girl” Bellow:

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