OHMYGi Drops Bass-Heavy Vibe With Personal Presence In ‘I’m Danger’

Intense and fast-paced, OHMYGi knows how to bring a sick vision to life that is all it’s own. “I’m Danger,” is exactly what articulates this trait, the female solo artist keeping it weird and wild while showcasing a music video that simply can’t be looked away from.

Shredding basslines and an colossal power is at the core of the release, the video expanding upon this essence while giving a bit more of a personal view into the life and ways of what OHMYGi is all about.

OHMYGi, known as Gisela Lindhorst, is from Chile and is winning over an American audience one song at a time. She’s crafted her style for years and the effort is paying off, her presence being a near-unavoidable ripple with the bass scene. She earned the first International Icon Women’s Scholarship and the Icon Ambassador Award, both of which are milestones not easy to lock down. OHMYGi continues to grow her movement for all the right reasons, never seeming to run out of fuel.

Experience the vibe for yourself via the video below.




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