Oliver Tree’s ‘Ugly Is Beautiful’ Album Is Finally Here

Oliver Tree’s debut album is now here. After months of delays with the label, a global pandemic, protests and a short lived retirement, the project finally sees the light of day.

About half of the tracks on the album have been slowly released throughout Tree’s career, which to some fans is disappointing but Oliver sees the project as a “greatest hits album”.

Oliver already shared many tracks that will appear on the album, from the bummer anthem ‘Let Me Down,’ the jaded ‘Cash Machine,’ the tender (sounding at least) ‘Alien Boy’ and the reflective ‘Hurt.’ His songs mesh hip-hop beats with a deep love of punk-rock snarl and pretty melodies; he’s a Gen Z-er who deeply cares about the craft of a good song. His bowl cut is exceptional and so are his surreal music videos and mockumentaries that consistently track millions of views.

Oliver unveiled Ugly is Beautiful’s album art after a “mysterious hacker” took over his Instagram account, deleted all its photos, and asked for one million comments in return for the official album art and release date. After hitting a million comments (in less than 24 hours), the hacker obliged.

The wait for the album has only built upon the already substantial anticipation. The 14 tracks showcase Tree’s brilliant artistry and present a consistent theme throughout the album, yet each track remains unique. It’s sure to be a satisfying release for fans.

  1. Me Myself & I
  2. 1993 (Feat. Little Ricky ZR3)
  3. Cash Machine
  4. Let Me Down
  5. Miracle Man
  6. Bury Me Alive
  7. Alien Boy
  8. Joke’s On You
  9. Again & Again
  10. Waste My Time
  11. Jerk
  12. Hurt
  13. Introspective
  14. I’m Gone




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