Not Your Ordinary Pop Song: Oriion’s “Siren Call” Delivers Raw, Unfiltered Emotion

In his latest single, “Siren Call”, Oriion explores what he describes as “one of the biggest and darkest times of [his] life”, all over a happy, down-to-earth pop groove.   According to Oriion, “Siren Call” is about what he refers to as “emotional addiction”, not being able to let someone go.  “The more I rejected him, the more resistant I was towards this feeling, the more I couldn’t let go”, Oriion says.  

One listen to the song at it’s clear that Oriion puts everything he has into his work.  The emotional complexities of his situation are laid bare in “Siren Call”.  Under the dark lyrics, however, is a friendly dance beat, complete with a deep baseline and bubbly melodic plucks. This contrast between the song’s subject matter and its instrumental adds to its captivating, emotionally raw nature.  

Oriion’s musical style comes from his wide variety of influences.  Spending much of his life flying between Los Angeles, Berlin, and New York,  Oriion has adopted an international sound.  Musically, Oriion takes his cues from legendary pop innovators like Daft Punk, George Micheal, and Sade.  Since officially launching his musical project in 2017 with the release of “Live Another Life”, Oriion has accumulated hundreds of thousands of streams, as well as been supported by popular tastemakers like Spindle and tmrw magazine.  

Stream his latest release: “Siren Call” here:





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