Otto Knows Returns to Music

Annotation 2019-02-01 205801.jpg

After almost 7 months off from music overall as well as social media, Swedish artist Otto Knows is signalling that he is coming back with some new music. Having played his last set at Tomorrowland 2018 he went silent, deleting everything on his Instagram.

His reasons for taking a break are unknown but we can assume the tragic and very public loss of his close friend Avicii some months earlier played some part. His official note states that he is “having fun making music again”. While everyone deals with such loss in their own way having shared a long and also creative bond it can make it infinitely harder to move on and also find enjoyment in creating the very passion you shared with that person.

We’re unsure when we can expect new music exactly, however with Otto Knows’ discography we know it’ll be quality and we're excited to see whats in store. Reddit user minineko commented about a potential new track: “Song is called "One In A Million". Kinda down-tempo (101bpm) but it's real groovy.” This title would be fitting considering his biggest track ‘Million Voices‘.

The note states the following

“Hi followers
It’s been a while crocodile
New music is coming your way
I have no idea where this journey will take us
All I know is that it started on a boat with me having fun making music again!

Peace & respect

Update: Otto Knows has shared a video about his boat studio