Ivoryghost Showcases On-Point Hardwave Sound In ‘Our Love’ Single

Ivoryghost has been on a roll in 2021, singles like “Ecstasy,” “Limbo,” and “Abysmal,” giving a clear angle as to where he’s taking his name musically speaking. Now comes “Our Love,” a track that falls in line with what we know and love from Ivoryghost, but not without a well-thought out original design including some major thrills thrown in there for good measure. Mysterious at some moments and eased at others, Ivoryghost makes hardwave feel new all over again with the heat delivered through the basslines and the exploratory nature shining through with the synth-work. “Our Love,” shows why Ivoryghost is in the upper-echelon of this still relatively new scene.

Ivoryghost releases regularly, has a brand that’s uniform plus can be recognized as his, and knows how to stand out sonically. He hits several highpoints which are key factors when it comes to staying relevant in the broader electronic area.




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