Palpable Energy In Dua Lipa’s: “Don’t Start Now”

Dua Lipa combines all elements under the Dance-Pop umbrella to create palpable energy, in her latest single “Don’t Start Now”. With lush piano keys and funky bass lines that are sure to keep all feet on the dance-floor, Dua Lipa brings Soul & Disco to the table with a mix present-day Pop.

“Don’t Start Now” details the exit of a past love affair and subsequent empowerment that the other feels. The joy of moving on and getting on with life for Dua Lipa is apparent in the tracks’ dance-heavy energy. With funky guitar riffs coming in and out, intersecting with soaring strings and soulful piano stabs and infectious break-downs, Dua Lipa takes her sonic night out on the town to the highest level.

Stream “Don’t Start Now” below:





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