Party Favor Drops Album Inspired by Quarantine ‘ISOLATION’

The life of the party comes out the pandemic with some exclusive sounding studio projects, that is no one other than is Party Favor. The LA-based artists known for his massive success in hip hop, trap, and all-around hype beat DJ set. This time around, the electronic icon unleashes an angelic side of his production that alters his familiar songs with an all experimental album.  In addition to ‘Party Favor Presents: Isolation’ festival live stream this past weekend quarantine edition, intertwines the gems he’s crafted during lockdown is now release into an all one of a kind masterpiece. The electronic artist introduces a new twist from massive turn up bangers to lucid vibey yet tasteful instrumentals beat.

The collection of 13 tracks unveils a sentimental perspective of his artist project. The first track, ‘Euphoria’ presents a luminescent interlude that mends the combination of versatile tracks among the entire album. Playing down this exclusive work of art, it is clear that the electronic artist spires influences from a multitude of EDM subgenres into his tracks.”WUT” is an eye-opener that combines jazz-likee influences with trap heavy drum elements. As we continue, ‘WHAT I IMAGINE FLYING FEELS LIKE’ illustrates a memorious timeline to the listener driven with a drum n bass rhythmic pattern. “IT MAY NOT SEEM LIKE IT RIGHT NOW, BUT IT GETS BETTER” brings forth a soulful dynamic of house and progressive techno patterns with a heavenly pluck over a soothing four on the floor breakbeat. THE ISOLATION ALBUM’  showcases the producer’s sonic depth and ability to experiment with new sounds..THE ISOLATION ALBUM’ takes listeners through a  journey of familiar feelings experienced during the lockdown.




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