Party Favor Drops Newest Album ‘RESET’

Party Favor has just dropped his sophomore album RESET, the eclectic electronic album is out via Ultra Music.

The 14-track LP is an amalgamation of styles, genres and sounds, a true reset on the settings Party Favor may have been boxed into before. Opening up with a literal bang, “With Regards To Your Speakers” was written with the intention of ripping off the bandaid, and setting the tone for the whole project. Second track “Hollow” with DeathbyRomy, the producer born Dylan Ragland describes as his “very own Nine Inch Nails moment” – a sonic journey through brooding, sad, euphoric and epic feels all at once. But then “Too Much” touches on some of the first OG electro records PF had ever heard, while he describes “Spirits Pt. 2” as unadulterated rage music, and a mix of the old and new Party Favor sound. The project completes with “Anxious” – which Ragland says is “a song about saying “f*ck you” to anxiety which myself and a lot of people suffer from.”

Across the 14 records, Party Favor delves into a range of styles that really show his versatility as a producer. There is sure to be at least one track for everyone!




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