Party Favor Releases Diverse Debut Album in ‘Layers’

After months of teasing tracks, Party Favor’s highly-anticipated studio album ‘Layers’ has finally dropped in its entirety. The stunning LP features eleven sonically charged tracks and features contributions from a wide array of collaborations, such as A$AP Ferg to Salvatore Ganacci, Rich The Kid and GTA. No matter which track you listen to though, it’s full of energy and packs a punch. The album has something from everyone and includes sounds that range from hip-hop to acid-bass.

Dylan Ragland aka Party Favor lets us know the artwork on ‘Layers‘ has a special meaning as well. Drawn by the same artist who did his tattoo, it features all of the most important places and elements or ‘Layers’ of his life to date. The mountains represent his early life in Utah, the Hollywood sign demonstrates his move to LA to pursue his music career. NYC is where he was born and the 25 tally marks are the age at which is his music career really began to take flight. Finally, energy symbolizes the distinct feeling you get when listening to any of Party Favor’s music.

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