partywithray Unleashes Dark & Groovy Tune, ‘Ya Bish’

Few producers can get a party going with vibes as deep as those found in partywithray’s newest offering, ‘Ya Bish’. Coming in the limelight with the debut release – a ZHU collaboration – in late 2019, partywithray has since proven his mastery of the dirty and groovy house sound. ‘Ya Bish’ comes as part of his latest offering in celebration of 4/20, a 3-track EP titled ‘the corn teen tapes’.

The lead tune, ‘Ya Bish’, begins with a repetitive vocal sample to get the mood going, before exploding into a deep, thundering bassline worthy of a play in the most underground of raves. As the track progresses, some innovative distortion enters the highs, culminating in a stunning finale with some incredible FX and synth stabs. If you’re missing those raves sitting at home during ‘corn teen’, his latest EP, with this swelteringly hot tune, is meant just for you to get into your groove.




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