Paul van Dyk Kicks Off Exciting New Project w/Friends In ‘VENTURE X’

Paul van Dyk, a renowned musician, has unveiled a new song named “VENTURE X” to coincide with the launch of his live event series of the same name in February. The single, now out, was made in partnership with Weekend Heroes and Christian Schottstaedt and was released under the VANDIT Alternative label.

VENTURE X is an impressive event idea curated by Paul van Dyk, where he filters the best in trance, progressive house and techno music for a spectacular evening. Paul van Dyk adjusts the music on the go and in the moment, all depending on the crowd’s energy.

He presents familiar sounds in a new and unique context, with an emphasis on generating in the moment memories – Dyk takes folks on an adventure they won’t forget – this is the VENTURE X, brought forth by Paul van Dyk.




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