Peggy Gou Drops 'Moment' EP & Launches New Label

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Peggy Gou’s infectious housey groove transports you to another dimension when she gets on the decks. Now she’s launched her own label GUDU, marked by the release of her new EP ‘Moment’.

The double track collection titled ‘Moment’ includes ‘Starry Night’ a groover that has us tapping away day and night, it features a delicate chant and obscure vocal hooks that all fit together seamlessly. The second track ‘Han Pan’ goes on a notably more dark path, perfect for the breakfast clubs an environment where her tunes are tried and tested. In all Moment takes you on a journey well worth listening to a few times together.

With the launch of GUDU, we also look forward to watching Peggy Gou give a platform to talented artist she discovers in her journeys, allowing her to hopefully to share more of the gems she drops in her sets that have us waiting on edge for months.