People Are Texting Their ‘Textdoor’ Number Neighbour…Best Responses

The ‘Textdoor Neighbour’ trend or as some call it – Phone Number Neighbour has returned to popularity once again. While some trends are harder to repeat the responses on this one are still just as funny.

The idea is pretty simple, message the person with the number 1 above or below your own to let them know who their number neighbour is and see what they say back.

The responses vary widely from abusive to hilarious, while some have had wholesome conversations others might be texting your rude uncle. Below we found some of the best results, for your enjoyment. Tag @CULTRdotcom on Twitter or Instagram (@CULTR) if you do it or see a good one and we’ll feature yours if we think it’s good enough to add!

The Data Breach

Then there is this religious one…

The Potential Cheater

The Creepy…….Kid

This one proves this girl has 5 FaceTune images on her profile…

The one who actually might have been neighbours

Side Note…. If you are going to do it block out the number, especially if you identify your name, age, and what state you are in the screenshots as many have. No one will have much trouble figuring out your number….because you know it’s only one different?!

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