Peter Vogelaar releases stunning LP ‘Inner Creatures’

Peter Vogelaar is an Irish producer who excels in creating stunning electronic escapes, and ‘Inner Creatures’ is an intimate reflection of Peter’s creativity. The EP is made up on 9 tracks, with the track ‘Lovette’ Ft. Sacred Animals provides some upbeat respite midway the journey. 

Discussing the process of Inner Creatures, Peter explains: 

“Even when you’re not physically hands-on working, you’re always thinking about it and your creative intuition is always developing it internally”

Influenced by Four Tet, Bonobo, and Caribou, Peter has excelled with his first LP in 4 years. Having onboarded a raft of feature artists, including Cat Dowling, Ken Lally and Katie Kim, we caught up with Peter about these additions:

“I feel really lucky to work with these singers. I’ve never sat in a room with someone with acoustic guitars and wrote a song there and then like you see in documentaries. You’re working on something and of its own accord the brief changes, that happens a lot I think. Then you run into someone and you realise they are the perfect stepping stone to take it further, and they can ruminate on the track in their own time.”

Immersive, adventurous, and versatile is the best way to describe this record, which could easily sit on decks or be consumed passively for days on end without feeling tiresome. Peter Vogelaar has impressed, as he often does, but this may well be his biggest triumph yet. 

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