Thomas Xavier’s Label Pharaoh Phonix Debuts Compilation Album ‘Pharaoh’s Gold Vol 1.’

Pharaoh Phonix is entering a new era thanks to Thomas Xavier and the highly-dedicated team he’s been able to round up as of late. The label has only started this year and already there is a cast of talents who have released on the label and reaped the benefits. Pharaoh’s Gold Vol 1. now showcases new faces and returning names, lining up 5 tracks in total and letting loose on the house front.

“I’m A Boss,” is a party starter. Detailed sound design comes packed with elating synth work and dirty bass all in one go. Produced by Thomas Xavier, you are officially in the weeds once this song is started. “Say You Got Me,” blends together the style of both Thomas Xavier and black a.m., things take a more godly approach, an angelic infusion of sounds making this house tune one of a kind. Next is a solo release by Chomper via “Up All Night.” High in energy and sending tingles throughout the body with it’s vibe, Chomper inclusion heightens the overall experience of this compilation. “H.E.R.,” is released by DJ/producer St.Sinny. He’s new to the crew, but brings the heat. Showcasing one of the more cinematic feels in his release, he makes a great first impression. At the finish like is “P&B,” by Elevatd and Thomas Xavier. One of the heaviest and most experimental of the bunch, the tune keep the listeners on it’s toes and leaves you wondering what this label may release next.

Pharaoh Phonix is rising quickly, Pharaoh’s God Vol. 1 being the the heaviest undertaking the label has positioned itself for yet.




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