Phil Phauler’s Latest Track, “Love” Featured In Huge Netflix Movie “Velvet Buzzsaw” Starring Jake Gyllenhaal

DJ and Producer from Slovakia, Phil Pauler, is reaching new heights in his career, with the latest achievement of having his own original track, “Love” (released on Elixir Records) being featured in a Netflix Original. The sync placement marks a brilliant addition to an already beguiling list of accomplishments, including but not limited to having his Nirvana remix reach 13,000,000 streams online. Moreover, his remix of AronChupa’s “Albatraoz”  reached a strong 2,600,000 views on YouTube and was supported by the original writer AronChupa himself, while his remix of the viral internet phenomenon that was “Man’s Not Hot” now sits on 360,000 YouTube views.

Recently, Phil has been focusing on Deep House, moving away from his Brazilian Bass style towards a brighter, Pop/Deep House vibe.

Currently moving around Europe but based in London as of now, Phil’s constant change of scenery has enabled him to explore different styles, allowing his music to develop and become more refined with each release. He is currently working with a singer by the name of Ofelija, though it won’t be their first collaboration, with the 2 artists working together on tracks such as “Stranger”, “Heart Shaped Box” and “Havana.”

Now featured in the huge Netflix Original “Velvet Buzzsaw,” starring a stellar cast of non other than Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalia Dyer and John Malkovich, Phil’s latest original: “Love” is emotionally driven and wildly catchy. Fans can also expect a music video alongside the single’s release, shot at Bali by the talented vlogger and videographer, Brano Samel. You can check out some of his content on his Instagram.

With the bar already set exceedingly high for future projects, we look forward to seeing what Phil Phauler does next!




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