Pierce Fulton’s ‘Keeping The Little Things’ Album Is Here

Pierce Fulton has taken a different approach to music in recent years, taking a step away from dance orientated productions into a more alternative electronic sound which arrived around the time of his debut album Better Places.

Pierce’s newest body of work Keeping The Little Things showcases his talented production capabilities and technical prowess. From track 1 to 12, it takes you on an instrumental journey through a number of different genres. Pierce utilises multiple instruments to create tracks that sound amazing and really pleasant on the ears. Whilst is unlikely to be as popular as previous Pierce Fulton releases, the album is amazing and a refreshing contribution to the music scene.

Pierce has experimented with a range of different music recently, seemingly finishing half completed projects and Keeping The Little Things seems to be the end result. While many will dismiss the album, it’s a terrific LP from start to finish.

When he announced the album back in May, Pierce discussed how the album came together: I’ve had a hard time letting myself pursue fully instrumental songs for a while – mostly because my sister always asked when the vocal would come in whenever I showed her new songs (but I get it, a lot of people like vocals and she’s usually right). I personally love instrumental electronic music and it’s exactly what I’m listening to right now, so I want to put out music that I’d actually listen to myself. It also feels like the same sort of music that I made when I first started producing 10 years ago. Maybe because a lot of these songs were written in a new program or maybe I’m just reconnecting to what got me into electronic music – either way I’m very happy about it.




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