Playlist Blaster Helps Artists Avoid Botted Playlists Through Authentic New Service

Having just launched today – Playlist Blaster offers a game-changing promotional service for independent and signed musicians. Putting the emphasis back on authenticity, Playlist Blaster is the brainchild of Midnite Blaster – a marketing agency for DJs and EDM producers, and Vicky Edwards – an independent publicist who has worked on campaigns for the likes of 6ix9ine, Miley Cyrus and Plvtinum. 

With a team comprised of passionate music lovers, Playlist Blaster is aiming to help artists grow their career and fanbase by providing them with exposure through Spotify Playlists, Youtube Ads, TikTok challenges and Music Blog promotion. With a brand new website launched, artists will also be able to go through Playlist Blaster’s blog for tips on how to better promote their music, as well as not get scammed by the number of websites and services that deliver botted and fake results. 

Regardless of what stage an artist may be in their career, Playlist Plaster offers actionable advice and insights useful to all. Check out their article on how to tell whether a Spotify playlist is using bots, for some practical tips on avoiding scam services.




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