PLS&TY Delivers Exotic Vibes with ‘Run Wild/Feeling Forever’ EP

PLS&TY is back with yet another riveting release, this time in the form of a double track EP titled simply ‘Run Wild/Feeling Forever’. The EP follows PLS&TY’s single ‘Motives’, released earlier this year, which charted at #1 on iTunes US Electronic chart and #25 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Song Sales chart.

PLS&TY will transport you to exotic lands with his new two-track EP, comprising ‘Run Wild’ and ‘Feeling Forever’. ‘Feeling Forever’ is PLS&TY’s brand new track, where organic instrumentals and heavenly basslines shine and culminate into a path that transports you to the vibrant, chaotic streets of the eastern continents. Some fans may recognize ‘Run Wild’ from its release in the summer of 2017; the unique track has amassed over 10M streams on Youtube alone and is as captivating as ever with its syncopated, emotive vocals and strangely complimentary future bass drop.

‘Run Wild’ & ‘Feeling Forever’ are both songs inspired by travel, with each evoking visions of somewhere entirely foreign. I am very excited to show you some of my favorite productions to date, which challenged and elevated my craft by way of entirely unconventional sounds. In fact, Feeling Forever actually contains an iPhone recording of a street performer in India playing his sitar, which the track was built around. I hope you enjoy it!” – PLS&TY 

Download / Stream

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