PLVTINUM & Lil Aaron Connect On Catchy Pop Anthem “Girls On The Internet”

Since his debut in 2016, PLVTINUM has garnered over 130 million plays on Spotify alone across his flurry of sultry future pop originals. Truly ahead of his time, his take on pop music fuses many influences altogether evoking a slur of emotions through his listeners. Now making headlines once again for the release of his newest single we couldn’t help ourselves from hearing what all the noise is about.

Featuring Lil Aaron, “Girls On The Internet” is a witty study of social media behavior, more in line with Blackbear or Gianni & Kyle. Toying the line between 2000’s punk rock and new top 40 sensitivities, this emo-leaning trap ballad examines the struggles to fulfill by girls online. PLVTINUM and Lil Aaron’s joint single, immediately infectious with its tongue-in-cheek lyricism and breezy guitar melodies, is one you’ll find yourself listening to on loop.






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